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We can’t live without them, but how much do we hate them… PASSWORDS

Our heads swim with passwords. Some want capitals, some want numbers, some want characters, some want to be changed every month.

Apart from having to remember all those passwords, they are generally not a great concern. That is until you have been hacked.

Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated. It’s not about just about giving your password to a friend or family member (which you should never do).

Sometimes you might receive an email, open it and realise its not anything to do with you and then delete it. Never giving it a second thought. Unfortunately, sometimes these emails can infiltrate your computer and follow your key strokes. Therefore, when you type you bank id and password, someone is watching.

Be vigilant, and never give your password to anyone. More importantly, never open an email from someone you don’t know. Don’t click on links within emails that you don’t recognise and look into password protection programs.

Sharing your password is never a problem, until it is a problem. Don’t be caught out.

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