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Public Holdiays

Who doesn’t like some time off!

As we approach Easter we are receiving a lot of calls around which days are declared Public Holidays.

Each State has different days so check this link for what you need to know for your State

Another question we get is what the rules around Public Holidays are. This can also lead to a lot of confusion.

Basically, there are two scenarios, did the employee work?

Answer No

If they are employed on a permanent basis and it is there regular rostered day, then they need to be paid their base rate for the hours they would normally work. Unless stated in their award, if it isn’t their regular rostered day, then they are not paid. Rotating Rosters will be allowed for in the relevant Award.

If they are casual and didn’t work, there is no requirement to pay the employee.

Answer Yes

If the employee worked a Public Holiday, they need to be compensated for working on a declared Public Holiday.

The Employer will need to check the relevant Award to find out how much this is. In some awards, the employee can be paid normal hours and then have the same number of hours added to their Annual Leave.

Additional rates for working a Public Holiday apply to both Permanent Workers and Casual Workers.

Happy Holidays!


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