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GST and Food

Do you remember hearing people talking about going to the vat at a farm and getting a jug of milk, skimming off the cream and drinking the fresh milk?

Ever wonder why we don’t hear of this happening now?

Believe it or not, GST had something to do with this.

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GST is easy .... right?

GST is easy …. So they say

As a registered BAS Agent that deals with GST every day, we often hear people say that GST is easy – just add 10%.

In fact it is so easy, that 19 years after it was introduced, changes and corrections are still being made, and even more concerning, business people are still getting in wrong.

So, let’s look at some of the “easy” parts of our GST system for a builder who decides to build a house to sell.

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Public Holidays

Who doesn’t like some time off!

As we approach Easter we are receiving a lot of calls around which days are declared Public Holidays.

A common question we get is what the rules around Public Holidays are. This can lead to a lot of confusion.

Basically, there are two scenarios, did the employee work?

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We can’t live without them, but how much do we hate them… PASSWORDS

Our heads swim with passwords. Some want capitals, some want numbers, some want characters, some want to be changed every month.

Apart from having to remember all those passwords, they are generally not a great concern. That is until you have been hacked. .

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New Fairwork conditions and a must read if you employee casual staff

Within the first 12 months of employing a casual staff member, an employer must now provide them with a written copy of the casual conversion clause within their award.

Once an employee has completed 12 months employment, they have the right 

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When can an employee take family and domestic violence leave?

As sad as it is, this is a great incentive by Fairwork.

Every employee in Australia is now entitled to 38 hours per year of unpaid Domestic Violence Leave.

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The ATO is finally taking Superannuation seriously.

Superannuation is one of those entitlements that employees generally aren’t too worried about when they start work, but fret about as they get closer to finishing their working lives.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common entitlement not to be paid by an employer.

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